Women warm hearts with blankets – The Nugget Newspaper

Women warm hearts with blankets – The Nugget Newspaper
March 21, 2013 Alex Read

A child has just been evaluated at the KIDS Center for suspected neglect or abuse … before leaving, the child gets to choose a cozy fleece blanket to take home…

It’s called Heartwarmers.

Women have been gathering in Bend and in Sisters to make fleece blankets for children treated at the KIDS Center, Grandma’s House and Saving Grace in Bend and for the American Cancer Society Resource Center. In the past few weeks the groundswell response of women wanting to be a part of this “blanketing” has been remarkable. Mary Tomjack, a Plainview resident and the initiator of this movement, has been thrilled with the community response. In a short few weeks, the two groups of women, one in Bend and one in Sisters, have already produced and donated over 50 blankets.

It all started when Tomjack received a blanket from an old friend in Georgia, along with instructions on how to make one.

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