Zero Waste Philosophy

Every piece has a purpose

We’re dedicated to using every useable piece of the fleece we have purchased.  In the process of making the blankets, squares are cut from the four corners of each piece of fleece and eventually made into soft blocks while smaller scraps are cut into pieces to use to stuff the blocks.  Along with the blankets, these blocks are donated to several children’s non-profit organizations.  Scrap materials are made into our packaged story hearts and pet toys.

We use scraps to make soft blocks for children.

We use scraps to make soft blocks for children.

Fleece Hearts

These hearts are used in our story heart bags of information, added to each blanket.

Smaller pieces are made into infant blankets with crocheted edges and hats

We use our leftover scraps to make chew toys for dogs.

We use scraps to make braided chew toys for dogs